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Port scanner: 64Ip Port Scanner

Port scanner 64IP Port Scanner - a program that scans the local computer, or any host for open ports availability, which can be hacking or attacked . Scanning the computer ,program will show closed and open ports, and information about port .Scanning is done in a multi-threaded, therefore all existing ports scanning is very fast.

Port scanner screenshot:

Features of 64IP Port Scanner:

- Selecting the host to scan
- The range of scanning ports
- Delay selecting
- Proven ports descriptions

Autor: Vitalijs
Website: http://speed-tester.info
Language: Russian
Версия: 1.2
License: Freeware ( for free )
For OC less that Windowa7 required class library .NET Framework
Size: 172 Kb
System: : Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / Seven / 8


- The program does not scan open ports:
On the scanned host is a ban to test the connection.
- The programm does not work:
install the library .NET Framework
- Can I distribute the program on my site.
Yes you can.

What it is a port scanner?

Port scanner is a program developed by the open ports on the specified host. Such programs are used by system administrators to check the security of networks and servers. The same programm can be used by criminal person to break into your network.The port scaning is the first step to preventing hacking network or the hacking network by criminal person,as well it help to identify targets for attack.Using the appropriate tool, by means of sending packets of data and analysis of the responses can be defined the service which are working on machine (Web server, FTP server, mail server, etc.), and their version of the operating system.

Проверить PR и Тиц 64IP Port Scanner
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Speed test will show the average speed of downloading data package with noticed weight. This mean that test doesn't show maximum speed, but show speed which is available now. If you use larger data package, results will be more accurate.

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