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Internet Speed Test | Check Your Bandwidth

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How to check you internet speed?

You can verify internet connection speed on this page right now. For this you just need to choose any, nearest to you location marks on the map, and you will started test for internet speed.

What is the speed of the Internet?

The real internet speed you can check with internet speed test like this one. It will verify your data rate.

Internet speed - the amount of data transmitted per second (measured - bits per second). LAN connection will always be much faster than the real external speed ofinterenet connection. Our test measures the speed of the network connection to the Internet , and you will know the real speed of it.

Fast data transfer - the most important terms, which make your internet work more faster and easier. So the speed of the Internet is important for everyone who uses the Internet, and not just for the people working in the technology field. With high speed, you can easily watch movies online or download files with high-resolution for couple of seconds!

Internet speed depends on many conditions - the type of connection (fiber-optic lines, cable lines, etc.), your internet provider, the number of network users , load lines, and other promise to you possibly in time of the test it was a problems on the line. Repeat the test speed after a while reasons. If the internet speed will be differ for 10-30% from speed which your internet provide.

What check our speed test?

Test for internet connection speed allow to get information about:
Download speed - information rate from the Internet to your computer.
Upload speed - data rate from your computer to the Internet.
The server where test was passed and how long time it takeAfter the test, you can get ainformer.

Informer - test result graphically. You can put result of the test on the site, forum or blog.
For the best result before test you need to close all programs to data downloading:online movie player, bittorrent, internet radio and other programs that use the Internet trafficNow you can start you internet speed. For more accurate results, we recommend to repeat the test several times and compare the results.

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Speed test will show the average speed of downloading data package with noticed weight. This mean that test doesn't show maximum speed, but show speed which is available now. If you use larger data package, results will be more accurate.

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